Our Heart

And so, our heart is for you—our dear customer and friend. We understand that choosing jewellery for someone special can be an intimidating experience because jewellery is something that is thoughtful, unique, and personal. That’s why we make it our mission to connect with you the moment you walk through our door.

Whether it’s an engagement ring, a timeless pendant, or a custom piece, we offer a generous collection of stunning pieces that will leave a lasting impression. And our support doesn’t stop after you make a purchase with us—we will gladly help you to take care of your jewellery by cleaning or repairing pieces when necessary.

Just like jewellery is personal, we also value building personal and genuine relationships with each and every customer. No matter the budget, we are committed to going above and beyond to meet your needs so that you can walk away feeling happy and confident about your purchase. We’ll offer sincere advice when need be and help steer you away from buying items that are not in your best interest. 

Meet Billie, Owner of Cross My Heart Jewellers

Doing everything she does with love, honesty, and laughter, Billie is a dedicated wife and mother of five young men who lives life on her own terms. Jewellery has always been something that has fascinated her, and when the jewellery store in Whitecourt went up for sale, Billie wasted no time in snatching it up. With a desire to start her own business, the vacant jewellery store was the perfect opportunity to venture out and start Cross My Heart Jewellers. Billie loves timeless pieces and the memories that could be made from a piece. With an open heart, Billie values building genuine relationships and leaving a lasting impression on all who come across her path.